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Irongate Civic Association


Board of Directors Mission Statement

  -  We are committed to enhancing the livability, safety, welfare and interests of the Irongate Community residents.
  -  We are here to preserve, enhance and protect the property values and assets of the Irongate Community.
  -  We believe in the Covenants & Restrictions, Bylaws and Governing process to create a clear concept of fairness among Irongate Community residents.
  -  We expect all homeowners to meet their individual responsibilities and abide by the governing documents that have been approved by a majority of all homeowners.  We will endeavor to continuously evolve as an Association remaining true to our core commitments.
   -  We strive to develop active homeowner involvement in order to cultivate a strong sense of community.  We value those volunteers who go beyond the normal commitment of being residents.
Contact the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors
Irongate is directed by a volunteer board of directors. They meet quarterly and review the finances and make sure that needed maintenance and repairs are accomplished. The Board is elected each November at the annual membership meeting. During the year, the Board provides other opportunities to meet with members. While the Irongate Facebook page is not an official means of communication with the Board, they do monitor the page in order to try to stay apprised of things happening in the neighborhood. Residents are encouraged to post on that page. Emergencies should be reported via 911.

Property Management
Irongate is managed by a property management firm in relation to our financial and accounting processes. Neighborhood inspections are done by a team of volunteers, with the related paperwork created and filed by our Property Manager. 

Property Inspections
Are done approximately once a month by a volunteer team. If the team finds a home that needs some attention in order to be in compliance with the Covenants and Restrictions, the homeowner will be sent a courtesy letter. Homeowners are asked to report back to us the status of the 'correction' so that the issue can be 'closed.' Questions about letters received can be addressed by contacting the number/email on the letter the management company.  A summary sheet of the Covenants and Restrictions can be found on our documents page. 


Helpful Information for Residents

In order to assist homeowners in easily understanding our Irongate Covenants and Restrictions, the Board of Directors has compiled the following information as a clarification and reminder as to what items are commonly observed on property inspections.

Landscaping: [C&Rs Section 25]

  • Lawns should not be allowed to grow over six (6”) inches high.

  • All grass and plantings that border sidewalks, driveways, and the street curb should be edged parallel to the hard surface within 2” of the hardscape. Grass should not be allowed to grow over the sidewalk, driveway, or curb.

  • All yard debris and leaves should be collected and disposed of properly in accordance with either Town of Summerville collection policies or individual homeowners’ planned disposal methods.

  • The area between the sidewalk and the street should be maintained by the homeowner.

  • Trees, plants, and shrubs should be trimmed sufficiently to allow unobstructed pedestrian passage on all public walkways.

  • All hedges, trees, shrubs and tree stumps should be neatly trimmed and maintained.

  • Retaining walls and planting bed borders should be properly maintained.

  • Rear yards and easements should be properly maintained.

General Maintenance: [C&Rs Section 25]

  • Driveways and sidewalks should be free of grass, weeds, and debris. This includes concrete joints and cracks.

  • Sidewalks and curbs may not be altered in any way and should remain free of obstructions at all time

  • Owners should keep all portions of their lot and buildings in good order and repair. Exterior damage to all buildings (home, garage, shed, etc.) should be repaired in a timely manner.

  • The exterior of all buildings on a lot (house, shed, porch, etc.) should be kept clean of dirt, mold, and algae. This will include, but is not limited to exterior walls, brick work, steps, soffits, fascia, gutters, porch railings, etc.

  • Gutter and roofs should be kept clear and free from leaves and all vegetative growth.

Overall Items to Note:

  • Parking - Vehicles shall be parked on driveways or stored in the garage. Overnight parking on the street is not permitted.  No vehicles should be parked on the grass at any time. When parking temporarily on the street, all four (4) tires should be on the pavement. Additionally, cars parked temporarily on the street must adhere to state parking laws – specifically – they should be parked with the right-hand wheels closest to the curb. [C&Rs Section 32]

  • No boats, trailers, or other RVs should be stored at any home, whether in the back yard or driveway. [C&Rs Section 32]

  • Trash cans – trash bins and recycling bins should be stored out of sight except on collection days. Bins may be put out the evening before collection day and should be stored by the evening of the collection day. [C&Rs Section 17]

  • Newspapers should be collected from the yard or curbside on the same day of delivery. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure that newspapers do not litter the community.

  • Exterior changes to any home must be approved by the Irongate Architectural Review Committee. [C&Rs Sections 7 & 8]

Irongate Recreation Area and Pool
The recreation area and playground are open year round and daily from 8 am to Dusk. The pavilion and grills are also available for residents' use. Our pool is managed by volunteers. Currently the fee for a family pool membership is $175. Pool is open for the season from early May to late September.

Crime Watch
Irongate has an active volunteer crime watch program that is overseen by residents. Please feel free to report issues there, but if there is a situation that appears to be dangerous PLEASE CALL 911.

Architectural Review
In accordance with the Irongate Covenants and Restrictions, Section  7 - No construction, reconstruction, remodeling, alteration, or addition to any structures, building, fence, wall, road, drive, path or improvement of any nature shall be commenced on a Lot without obtaining the prior written approval of the Developer as to location, plans and specifications.
Requests for committee approval should be sent to The form can be found on the 'Documents' page of this site.

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