The Irongate Pool is a community amenity that is available to all residents (in good financial standing with the HOA) for an additional membership fee.

SEPTEMBER 14 - POOL STATUS - We currently have a broken sand filter and we are in the process of receiving bids for the repair and/or replacement of the filters. While we do hope to reopen, it will be dependent on the stay on the decision of the Board of Directors as to whether the repair is made quickly or if we have to wait to perform the replacement. Please stay tuned here or on the Irongate Homeowners Forum Facebook page for updates.

Pool Committee: We are looking for neighbors to serve on the 2020 Pool Team. Please contact Brooke if you are interested.


2020 Pool Season 


2020 Pool Rules to Make Note of:

  • If you are ill or not feeling well, DO NOT ENTER the pool area.

  • The pool will open from sunrise to sunset - you cannot enter the pool after 8 pm but you can stay till sunset. Check time daily - HERE

  • Please maintain 6 feet of social distancing as much as possible, except for members of the same family.

  • There should be no groups of unrelated individuals gathered less than 6 feet apart.


2020 Fees:
  - Family membership $175/year
  - Seniors (over 60)    $150/year
  - Military (active and retired)  $150/year
  - only one discount will be applied

  - Due to the COVID-19 situation, we will not be able to offer the opportunity to host a pool party at the Irongate pool

   - Summer discount - After August 1st you can purchase a pool membership for $100-no other discounts.

Pool Memberships can be acquired through the following opportunities:
   - Print and mail your application and check to Irongate Pool PO Box 50536, S'Ville SC 29485

   - Contact the Pool Mgt Team Brooke by calling 843.879.0588 and leaving a msg.
   - Email Brooke 
   - We can accept checks and money orders, but no cards or cash

Visit our Community Portal at


Irongate Homeowners Association
Help Line 843.879.0588
PO Box 50536
Summerville SC 29485