Frequently Asked Questions...

- How do I pay my HOA dues?

   Your $154.00 dues for 2022 are due not later than March 31, 2022. You       can pay them through Sentry Community Portal (Instructions) or mail           your check to:
          Sentry Management

          4401 Leeds Avenue Ste 120

          North Charleston SC 29405

- How do I contact the HOA?

    There are several ways to reach the HOA - you can call the Irongate            Helpline at 843.879.0588 and leave a message. You can email the Board      of Directors at You can contact our Property          Manager at Sentry at You can even reach                out on the unofficial social media page on Facebook - Irongate                    Homeowners and Residents Forum (Summerville, SC)

- Where do I live - Town of Summerville or Dorchester County?

     If you live past the creek at Essex Drive (rear section of Irongate) you         live in the Town. If you live in the front part of the neighborhood you           are in the County.

- How do I get permission to cut down trees?
     First you will get permission from the appropriate municipality (Town of       Summerville or Dorchester County.) Then you will complete an Irongate 
     Architectural Review Committee request. Directions for submitting the
     form on included on the form. All of these forms on the documents page
     of this website.

- How do I contact the Architectural Review Committee?

     Any changes or modifications to the exterior of your property including         building additions, sheds, porches, fences, driveways, removing trees,         etc. require preapproval from the Architectural Review Committee. The         information can be found on our ARC page and it         includes the instructions for submitting to the committee.

- What's the difference between the Town and County?

     Town residents pay Town of Summerville taxes and receive services             from the Town - to include Summerville Police, Summerville Fire. Trash       service is included in the fees, as is yard waste and bulk item pickup.

     County residents are served by the Dorchester County Sheriff's                   Department. County residents make their own arrangements for trash         pick up.
    Town residents vote in County elections, as well as Town elections.

- When does the Pool open?

     The Irongate pool generally opens around the first weekend in May and       stays open until late September.  Pool details are on our Pool page.