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Architectural Review Information

In accordance with the published Irongate governing documents (Covenants and Restrictions and Association By-laws), the Architectural Review Committee is made up of three to seven committee members who are homeowners in Irongate. (C&R Section Eight). The committee members may be elected by the majority of the homeowners or may be appointed by the Board of Directors.

The committee is tasked with approving all construction, reconstruction, remodeling, alteration, or addition to any structures, building, fence, wall, road, drive, path or any improvement on and lot prior to the commencement of any work. Approval shall be in writing (C&R Section Seven.) Approval by the committee may be withheld for any reason, including purely aesthetic consideration. The committee may stop any construction in violation of these covenants in accordance with Section Thirty-six.

The process for homeowners to request approval for any all construction, reconstruction, remodeling, alteration, or addition to any structures, building, fence, wall, road, drive, path or any improvement on and lot shall be as follows:

  • Homeowner will complete the Architectural Review Committee Request Form (on the website.) Form shall include a description of the proposed project with the appropriate supporting materials. These materials must include photos of the existing area, a diagram (or plat) of the yard with marking of new additions or revisions. If it is an addition or shed, please include size, height, construction material, colors, etc. Paint color changes should include paint color names. Tree removal should include a drawing of where the tree is on the lot, the appropriate approval from your municipality (County or Town) and the name of the contractor doing the work. Include any other descriptive materials as such may support or explain the request. If a contractor is involved, contact information shall be provided.

  • NOTE: Effective 20 July 2022, the Town of Summerville requires ALL HARDSCAPING WORK to meet new requirements. We will institute this requirement for ALL of Irongate - Permits will now be required for ANY paving installation whether it be pavers, concrete, gravel, etc. The Zoning and Engineering department will determine if the proposed installation is truly pervious per installation standards. Keep in mind, even if the pavers are deemed acceptable, they will still only count as 75% pervious and not 100%. 

  • Submit the request form via email to or if absolutely necessary, mail to Irongate ARC, PO Box 50536, Summerville SC 29485. Requests mailed through the US Postal Service will require an additional 14 days for processing.

  • The committee will review the request and schedule a visit of your property to view the proposed project. With the homeowner’s permission this may simply be a drive by of the property. Communications with the homeowner and the committee will primarily be via email. The Architectural review committee may take up to 14 days to respond to the request.

  • Once the request is approved (or not approved), the homeowner will receive a copy of the approved request form via email. The approved form will also be posted in the homeowners Community Portal.

  • No work shall commence until written approval is received by the homeowner.

  • Verbal approval is not sufficient for beginning a project.


The process for the committee to approve/deny requests shall be as follows:

  • The Architectural Review Committee shall maintain a google spreadsheet with the status of all ARC requests. This spreadsheet can be accessed by the ARC committee and the Irongate Board of Directors.

  • The ARC shall check the on a minimum of a once weekly basis and shall make contact with the applicant homeowner once their request is received.

  • At least one committee member shall visit the home to assess the request and report back their findings to the entire committee. This step may be waived if the Chair feels that the request form is very clear about the request.

  • Committee communications can be done primarily via email with each other and with the homeowner. The Committee chair or his/her designee shall be the point of contact with the homeowner. In other words, a homeowner shouldn’t have to answer multiple questions from multiple committee members.

  • Once a home visit is made, the committee shall approve or deny the request within 14 days.

  • The request form shall be signed by the Committee Chair or his/her designee and sent to the homeowner via email, or US Mail if required, or hand delivered to the homeowner.

  • The request form shall also be transmitted to IrongateBOD@gmail. com for posting in the homeowner’s Sentry portal account.

Architectural Review Guidelines for Homeowners

Architectural Review Request form

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